Dogecoin Core file system


Data directory location

The data directory is the default location where the Dogecoin Core files are stored.

  1. The default data directory paths for supported platforms are:
PlatformData directory path
macOS$HOME/Library/Application Support/Dogecoin/
Windows%APPDATA%\Dogecoin\ [1]
  1. A custom data directory path can be specified with the -datadir option.

  2. All content of the data directory, except for the dogecoin.conf file, is chain-specific. This means the actual data directory paths for non-mainnet cases differ:

ChainData directory path

Data directory layout

blocks/Blocks directory
blocks/index/LevelDB databaseBlock and transaction indices
blocks/blkNNNNN.datActual blocks (in network format, dumped in raw on disk, 128 MiB per file)
blocks/revNNNNN.datBlock undo data (custom format)
chainstate/LevelDB databaseBlockchain state, a.k.a UTXO database
./anchors.datAnchor IP address database, created on shutdown and deleted at startup. Anchors are last known outgoing block-relay-only peers that are tried to re-connect to on startup
./banlist.datStores the IPs/subnets of banned nodes
./dogecoin.confUser-defined configuration settings for dogecoind or dogecoin-qt; can be specified by -conf option
./dogecoind.pidStores the process ID (PID) of dogecoind or dogecoin-qt while running; can be specified by -pid option
./debug.logContains debug information and general logging generated by dogecoind or dogecoin-qt
./fee_estimates.datStores statistics used to estimate smart transaction fees and priorities required for confirmation
./mempool.datDump of the mempool's transactions
./onion_private_keyCached Tor onion service private key for -listenonion option
./peers.datPeer IP address database
./.cookieSession RPC authentication cookie; if used, created at start and deleted on shutdown; can be specified by -rpccookiefile option
./.lockData directory lock file
./db.logBDB error file
./wallet.datPersonal wallet (a BDB database) with keys and transactions
./.walletlockBDB wallet lock file

GUI settings

dogecoin-qt uses the QSettings class; this implies platform-specific locations where application settings are stored.

Legacy subdirectories and files

These subdirectories and files are no longer used by Dogecoin Core:

blktree/Blockchain index; replaced by blocks/index/ in 1.10.0
coins/Unspent transaction output database; replaced by chainstate/ in 1.10.0
blkindex.datBlockchain index BDB database; replaced by {chainstate/, blocks/index/, blocks/revNNNNN.dat} in 1.10.0
blk000?.datBlock data (custom format, 2 GiB per file); replaced by blocks/blkNNNNN.dat in 1.10.0
addr.datPeer IP address BDB database; replaced by peers.dat in 1.7.0


1. The / (slash, U+002F) is used as the platform-independent path component separator in this document.